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Who is Credence?

Credence Pool, Inc. is a superlative swimming pool service and repair company serving from Pawleys Island to Myrtle Beach with focus areas in: weekly cleaning and maintenance, equipment repairs/installs including pumps, filters, salt systems, automated systems, etc, plumbing repairs, FREE delivery on all bags of pool salt, and countless other services. Credence specializes in customized services catering to people demanding the most precise care for their investment. 

What else do we offer?
  • Saltwater Maintenance/Install

  • Safety Cover Install

  • Algae Cure

  • Equipment Installation

  • Pump Repair

Need Not Worry

Worry about absolutely nothing while we are taking care of your pool. We offer packages ranging from as little as only testing your water all the way to a full cleaning, and water treatment. Have a salt pool? We'll even deliver bags of salt for FREE to your front door whether you're a one time customer or have been a customer for years.

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